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Overall up to date and clinically proven research and information regarding children and teenagers.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics:

Vaccine Information:


  • Poison Control: or CALL 1-800-222-1222

  • Car Seat Safety:

  • Consumer Safety:


  • Driving tips for parents and teens:

Travel Information:

Practical Information:

  • From Breastfeeding, Development, Nutrition to Teenage Dating, Driving

  • For all topics involving kids (intended for kids including fun learning games)

  • For all topics concerning teenagers (intended for teenagers in an easy format to promote learning)

  • For Parents- basic knowledge and advice


  • Helpful information for both child and parent

  • Nutritional games for kids



  • Movie ratings (so parents make an informed decision):

  • Media impact on kids (reviews of television, movies, games, etc.):

Center for Disease Control: for information regarding infectious diseases, health conditions and safety

ADHD: national organization that supports children and adults as well as their families dealing with this problem

Autism: an overview