Dietary Consultation

Burke Pediatrics is excited and proud to now offer onsite Dietary Consultation in an expanded effort to  particularly address the nationally recognized "epidemic " overweight and obese children in the USA.  We will be one of the very few pediatric practices to have a Certified Pediatric Dietician on staff and available exclusively for our patients. Our registered Dietician is Morgan McGhee, RD, MPH  and she joins of as of April, 2017.  Initially she will schedule patients for one hour.  We believe that all patients and/ or families with "weight problems ( BMI 85% or greater)" should seek education and personal counseling.  YOu can assist you with issues related to Cholesterol as well. You may call ( 703-978-6061)  for an appointment with her and or request a referral from any of our clinicians. We believe most insurers will provide/ cover this service with the medical diagnosis of overweight or obesity. If you are unsure and insurance coverage is a primary issue please call you carrier. All Medicaid plans ( Medicaid , Anthem Healthkeepers and InTOTAL) do cover it. We are unsure about TriCare coverage. There is Lactation Consultation available at the office by Dr. O'Connor as well.