Community Service

- Over the many years since our founding in 1947 and our move

to Burke in 1973, our staff has strived to provide “community service”.

Here are some of the things we are doing and have done.

Burke Pediatrics, LLC  and staff currently:

1.  Medical Consultation to daycare center administrators. We now are formally advising four large centers. The service is available 24/7 and without charge. We would be pleased to serve others as well.
2.  Dr. Rees serves as the medical advisor to the Fairfax County School System.
3.  Provides “Influenza Vaccine” clinics for local PTAs and churches each flu season. All profits are given to the PTAs and churches involved. Call us asap if you would like us to help.
4.  Teaching “professors” to medical students and residents of 2 Virginia medical schools and several schools of advance nursing practice.
5.  Dr. Garner serves as the medical consultant to Fairfax County Head Start Program.
6.  Pharmacologic Research: Though a business venture, we active engage in the research and development of new pharmaceuticals and vaccines for children under FDA control. We have done almost 200 studies which have include new vaccines for meningitis, influenza, and HPV. Medications have included antibiotics, asthma drugs and eczema therapy. All subjects have participated voluntarily. We are proud that many of these studies have resulted in treatments that are now available for safe patient use and represent significant medical improvements.
7.  Pediatric care for Catholic Charities foster care and adoption services.

Dr. Rees:
1.  President of the Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
2.  10 years of service on the Executive Board of the Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
3.  Medical Consultant to Fairfax County School System

4.  Member and pediatric consultant of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Early Education Foundation (VECF), a non-profit advisory board to the governor whose main mission among several others is to promote the state wide franchising of pre kindergarten programs with bipartisan funding support of both Executive and Legislative branches of government, and private and corporate donations in Virginia through its Smart Beginnings program.

Dr. Garner
1.  First Medical practice in USA to Prescribe food for families who are "Food Insecure."  Practice families received 7000 pounds of wholesome food in 2017 and 8000 pounds in 2018. More than 200 Northern Virginia doctors recruited to join in efforts. See:

2. Chairman of the “Quality Improvement Committee, 17 years, of INOVA Fairfax Children’s Hospital
3.  Affiliate professor of Information Technology at George Mason University
4.  Founding Member of the “Four Diamonds Fund” of Pennsylvania State University, sponsor of the
annual “Thon” campaign which has raised more than $90,000,000 for care of children with Cancer.
5.  Founder of the “School Nurse Practitioner “ program for the State of Pennsylvania

Dr. Arnoldson ( Deceased)
1.  Support of the Hispanic Community needs
2.  Director of the Fairfax County Medical Care for Childrens Partnership ( M.C.C.P.)

Dr. Balsamo ( Deceased)
1.  Many years of service to Fairfax Hospital medical support committees
2.  Many years of service to Catholic Charities and its community efforts